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About Cordan James

Great day to you! My salutations are never about greeting another human being to acknowledge their presence, it’s to voice a manifested wish that I really hope you’re having a great day. One day can change your life, like the day I entered into the Foster Care System with an unknown wish of my own; to be adopted by a loving family. 33 years later and here I am, a father, a mentor, model, and motivational speaker. It’s almost as if this life chose me. The journey to this very day has been difficult but worth it as I’ve endured what most people do, the search for identity and have overcome what most people don’t, facing who I am and loving it.

I’m Cordan James, the manifested wish of a 2 year old boy needing the love and safety of a family I had yet to meet. My life is now all about encouraging children who like me, are searching to become more than what’s expected, and motivating adults to get through their childhood trauma by facing it head on. Truth, it’s what we run from because that mirror is always exposing and harsh, I believe that it’s the truth that will free us from our pasts and make room for our futures. 

As a Calvary Scout with a combat deployment in Iraq I’ve learned to serve my country and those around me. To harness the essence of whom I am and use it as a map to get others on the other side of their pain and struggle. I am a living testimony of survival; born from a hostile womb, navigated around a predominantly white small town, confined to a juvenile detention center…I could on but, what I’d like you to know most about me is that, just like you, I was born in the dark and have spent my entire life searching for the light of purpose. As long as you have breath you have purpose and I hope your purpose is reignited by the story of my life, and perhaps by the profound simplicity of my salutation that longs for you to truly have a great day.