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WHYTRY? for Families

There’s nothing that can prepare us for the struggle of being a parent, however, we can find support along the way specific to our needs.

WhyTry? For the Family

WhyTry has designed a program specifically for caregivers who are looking to build resilience, stronger bond amongst family members, and problem-solving techniques.

Cordan James makes it his mission to support the family as a whole in order to reach ultimate success throughout the WHYTRY experience. We are here to support caregivers just as much as we are here to support our youth. “It takes a village”, as they say.

Maybe you’re on a waitlist for therapy for your child, or maybe you’ve even searched up “bootcamps” for your troubled teenagers. “Traditional methods” may seem like your only resort, but there’s a more affordable, efficient way to reach the minds of the children we strive to raise into healthy, productive adults, and it all starts with us.

In WHYTRY, Our “Parents Guide to Resilience” we will support you through our 10-step process.

  • Start with the relationship – Personal reflection to help you personally apply the concepts in this guide to your own life, family, and daily experiences
  • Building a resilient family – The ability to bounce back when you have every reason to shut down – but you fight on!
  • Flip the switch – When you flip the switch, you stop for a moment, realize you can turn pain into power and move forward, committed to being resilient
  • Emotional Fuel – Everyone experiences a wide range of emotions. Both “positive” and “negative” emotions can be used as fuel to increase resilience
  • Relational Resilience – When you have relational resilience, you know people are depending on you. And you are depending on others. You draw strength from the emotional support of family and friends
  • Street Resilience – When you have strength resilience, you take the pain of disrespect, discrimination, and regret and use it as a fuel to propel you forward.
  • Resource Resilience – Your resilience can be increased by tapping into the resources you currently possess or could potentially possess.
  • Rock Bottom Resilience – Whether you’re at the actual worst moment in your life or are simply “Bottoming out,” you have the ability to flip the switch at your lowest point.
  • Power of a future Promise – We can help our kids to set goals and work towards fulfilling a future promise that helps to tap into hope.
  • Self-Grace – Recognize that you are human. Don’t fear failure, embrace it. It’s inevitable. When you feel you’ve failed, forgive yourself and keep moving forward.

The WHYTRY program is completely adaptable, making it easy to use with students of all ages, backgrounds, and circumstances. Click the button below to schedule your FREE meet and greet with Cordan James and find out how we can help your family build a stronger, more resilient bond,

To help families build resilience during the COVID-19 pandemic, WhyTry is providing this guide free of charge. To learn more about our engaging social and emotional learning curriculum, visit Stay safe out there.